Cycling can be a great way to spend time while on Holiday. Cycling holidays are a growing trend and we’ve compiled a few suggestions depending on what time of holiday you’re looking for.

For the rider that loves a challenge

  • The Alps or Scottish Highlands

If you’re really looking for a challenge Assynt Achiltibuie Circula in the Scottish Highlands will test your abilities at 122km long and incorporating a total climb of 1468m. Or if that’s not enough the Mont Blanc in the French Alps offers many cycle routes one with a climb of 1622m and 167.56km long.

For the scenic cyclist:

  • Wales, Berlin, Scotland, Budapest, Amsterdam, Northumberland and Copenhagen

With the stunning countryside in Wales, Scotland, Northumberland and Copenhagen cycling in these places can provide some beautiful scenery. If you’re more of city lover the picturesque places of Copenhagen, Budapest and Amsterdam offer some beautiful scenery.

For the sightseeing cyclists – go solo or there are guided tours available

  • Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Northumberland, London and Barcelona

If you want to see the classics such as the Eiffel Tower, Hadrian’s Wall, the Colosseum, Windsor Palace, Sagrada Familia and Anne Franks house are just a few of the famous sites you can see by bike in these cities.

For Mountain Biking:

  • Madrid, Alps, Lake District, Scotland

If it’s mountain biking you’re into there are a lot of mountain biking trails available in outer Madrid, the French Alps, Lake District and Scotland. Whether it’s through forestry or open air these places offer great mountain biking routes.

For Beach Lovers:

  • Barcelona, Mallorca, England, Scotland

Barcelona and Mallorca have some great routes by the beach and not to mention some beautiful white sand beaches and clear ocean. If you find these places a bit too hot for cycling then head out on a Coast and Castles route or Coast to Coast in England or Scotland.

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