We have tried to make these as user-friendly as possible. They outline the kind of services that we are able to offer, as well as some limitations to what we can do. It is important that you read them before using our advertising services.

1. We will provide you with the appropriate services to upload your business entry

2. These terms apply to the Services. By posting information on the Site you accept these terms to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Any changes to these terms must be agreed in writing by you and us.

3.  Our email address is: sales@wolfandkettle.com. You will have the right to cancel your contract with us by giving us notice by email, You may give such a notice of cancellation at any time within 7 working days following the day after you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms. Please note that once your business entry has been posted on the website you will lose your right to cancel your contract if you do not give notice of cancellation within 24 hours of us sending you a confirmation email that your information is on the site.

4. Once your information is posted on the website it is your responsibility to ensure that your entry continues to be accurate and up-to-date, and to make any necessary changes. We will send you the Confirmation e-mail as soon as we post your entry on the site. We are not liable to you or anyone else as a result of the fact that your entry is inaccurate or out-of-date for whatever reason. You will indemnify us against any liability that we may incur as a result of the fact that your entry is inaccurate or out-of-date.

5. We will maintain your information on the website for the agreed period, subject to payment of our charges when due. It is your responsibility to ensure that your copy is submitted in accordance with our standard formatting requirements. We will not be responsible for any delay if you fail to do so. We expect to upload your entry onto the site within 48 hours of receiving your final copy (although we are not liable if this expectation is not met).

6. The website may occasionally go offline for short periods for improvements to be made and for essential maintenance purposes. These offline periods will be kept to a minimum and, wherever possible, busy “hit” times will be avoided. We will not be liable in respect of periods when the website is offline for reasons beyond our control provided that we have taken reasonable care in the selection of our Internet Service Provider and other relevant suppliers.

7. With the exception of any special offers current at the time, our charge for your entry will be £19.50 for 6 months £29.50 for 12 months. In certain circumstances refunds and part backdated refunds can be applied. If you do not agree to pay our charges as and when they fall due, we reserve the right to remove your entry from the site and/or terminate without notice your right to use the services. We reserve the right to vary our fees from time to time. In which case, details of fee changes will be posted on the website or notified to you by e-mail. The new fee will be payable if you decide to renew your entry at the end of the previously agreed period.

8. You are responsible for ensuring that your entry contains no indecent or defamatory material and complies with all applicable legislation, law, regulation, codes, standards, protocols and other provisions to which they may be subject in the United Kingdom or in any other country. We reserve the right not to post your entry or to remove it at any time if we are not satisfied (on reasonable grounds) that your entry does comply with such legislation, standards, etc. We also reserve the right to remove your entry if at any time we are so requested by any government or law enforcement agency.

9. You warrant that you are the sole owner or a duly authorised user of all graphics, copy, trademarks and other content in your entry and that the use of such graphics, copy, trademarks and other content does not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

10. You will indemnify us and our staff against any liability and loss which we incur in connection with any breach of any of your responsibilities, obligations or warranties under these terms. You may not bring a claim against us in respect of the services or the site except for breach by us of any obligations accepted by us under these terms.

11. Our obligations, warranties and representations in relation to the services and the site are set out in their entirety in these terms. No other terms, warranties or representations shall apply.

12. Except for breach of our express obligations under these terms, we shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage (including loss of profit and consequential loss) arising out of the services or the website, except to the extent that it is unlawful to exclude such liability. We do not exclude liability for any fraud on our part.

13. Any additional benefits to you beyond your information appearing on the site which are provided by a third party (for example ‘client discounts’ and a ‘link’ to your entry appearing on other websites) are outside of our control and may be terminated, without notice, at any time.

14. In the event that any exclusion contained in these terms is invalid for any reason and we become liable for loss or damage that it may otherwise have been lawful to limit, such liability shall be limited to the fees paid by you in the year in which the liability occurred.

15. We exclude liability for death or personal injury, save to the extent that the same arises as a result of our negligence.

16. You accept that the exclusions and limitation of our liability in these terms is reasonable in view of the financial resources available to the Site and the level of our fees.

17. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any or all of the services at our sole discretion and without notice. We reserve the right to give advance notice of any changes to these terms at any time, whether by notice on the Site or by contacting you directly. You acknowledge that the provisions of this clause are reasonable having regard to our dependence on others in providing the services to you.

18. It is in the nature of the site that we accept material from any bona fide suppliers of goods or services in the outdoor leisure sector. You therefore accept that you may not object to the display on the Site in any manner of entries for your competitors or any other third party.

19. We will not be liable to you in any way whatsoever for any interruption to or defect in the Services, destruction, damage, delay or any other loss or matters of that nature whatsoever arising out of war, rebellion, civil commotion, strikes, lock-outs and industrial disputes, fire, explosion, earthquake, acts of God, flood, drought, or bad weather or requisitioning or other act or order by any government department, council or other constituted body or any break in the continuity of any electricity supply or telecoms link (which is not our fault).

20. Due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot warrant that the fonts, colours, logos and other content of your entry will appear as intended across the Internet.

21. English law shall apply to these terms and the arrangements between us. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.