If you’re going through dirt trails, forests and mountains

You need a Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes have wide, flat handlebars, thick tyres, powerful brakes and suspension on the front, back or both tyres. These bikes are designed for steep climbs, downhill descents and bumpy tracks.

If you’re taking part in a race

You need a Road Racing Bike

These bikes have thin tyres, a skinny lightweight frame and drop handlebars. These bikes are ideally suited to racing and riding on smooth surfaces. Due to the tyres being thin these bikes wouldn’t be comfortable for bumpy pavement.

If you’re going long distance

You need a Touring Bike

These bikes have thick frame and tyres in order to carry the weight from their pannier racks. This makes it easier to take things with you and can be handy on long distance journeys and also have mudguards so are perfect for all seasons cycling.

If you’re going to be travelling on a mixture of bike routes or competing in a triathlon or cyclo cross tournament.

You need a Cyclo-Cross Bike

These bikes have a larger frame than road race bikes and can accommodate a wider tyre, which can be useful depending on what you’re using it for. The bike frame is light so that you can pick it up to run with when you’re competing.

If you’re cycling through a City

You need a Hybrid Bike

As the name suggests, these bikes are a combination of both road bikes and mountain bikes meaning that they can handle uneven roads and potholes better than road bikes.

If you’re doing a mixture or dirt trails and cities

You need a Gravel/ Adventure Bike

Adventure Bikes are a combination of cyclo-cross bike, sportive bikes and touring bikes. They can accommodate big tyres but have similar handlebars to a road bike. They can be used on the road or on certain dirt tracks and trails.

If you’re using the bike as the main mode of transport and need to take it with you

You need a Folding Bike

Folding bikes tend to have smaller wheels and a smaller frame but can fold away in seconds. This means you can take it with you if you’re using the train or bus.

If you feel you may need an extra push

You need an Electric Bike

All the bikes mentioned come in an electric equivalent meaning that you get help climbing difficult hills or if you’re beginning to lack energy during your time on the bike. The electric motor is optional so you can turn it off for part of your journey and on for a steep climb or a speed boost.

If you want a novelty bike to cycle with a partner for fun

You need a Tandem Bike

Tandem Bikes are double bikes so that tow people can cycle on the same bike at the same time. These bikes are more for fun and leisurely rides and many are used in charity events.


This is just a rough guide, if you are still unsure about what bike please contact the place you are hiring or buying from.

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